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What We've Been About Since 1944


We have a passion for  building, not just buildings, but commitment and trust that lasts generations. When we say generations, we mean it. Today, we continue to work for the grandchildren of some of our first clients. It is this commitment that has taken us to where we are today.   

Partners in Building

 More important than the spaces we create, are the people in them. Our clients research medicine, manufacture our household goods and fund the future. Our commitment to fully understanding their needs and processes allows us to provide the best overall solutions and the most functional finished product. 


We have ridden waves and weathered storms in our 75 years as a company. Through it all our commitment to relationships and a quality product has been unwavering. Through a hands-on management approach, financial stability and our unparalleled people, we are here to stay.

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Marvin Collins Construction

226 Linus Pauling Drive, Hercules, California 94547, United States

P (510) 741-2100 F (510) 741-2105 E CA License #413024 A Certified Minority Business Enterprise